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At our dental practices, we are dedicated to making sure every visit to our office is a pleasant one that leaves you smiling. Our Doctors and staff understand that knowing what to expect can help make any dental appointment more pleasant for you and your family. So scrub those teeth and make an appointment today!

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Are you missing teeth? yellow pasty teeth? bad breath? cracked teeth? bleeding gums……call us.

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Or have tuna breath instead. 

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Regular dental cleanings, performed by a registered dental hygienist, are a crucial part of preventive dental care. By removing plaque and tartar, your oral health is enhanced and your risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease are reduced. Your dental hygienist will utilize manual instruments to remove moderate plaque and tartar buildup, or an ultrasonic device to scale away heavier buildup. This is random information and I appreciate your business if you care to read this far! You’re special and have a great day and I hope you enjoy your website 🙂

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